Earlier this year VFA-25 celebrated our 75th anniversary of Fist excellence. The amount of former Fists in attendance was a testament of how important this event was. We not only celebrated how many years the squadron had been in service, but also how many men and women that have contributed to this squadron. VFA-25 has an illustrious history from WWII, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and Operation Inherent Resolve and it was important to honor those who had served and currently serving. It is those men and women that have served that make this squadron still to this day capable of conducting sustained combat operations from the sea or on land and those who are currently in VFA-25 damn proud to be a fist.

Deployment is still right around the corner even though it's a year away. In the last week of February, VFA-25 went to Oceana for Air to Surface SFARP lectures. SFARP is a unit level training program intended to maximize the tactical proficiencies of strike fighter aircrew across the full spectrum of the F/A-18 E/F mission sets by using academic lectures, simulators, and tactical training flights. Post our lectures in Oceana, VFA-25 went back to Lemoore in order to begin pre-loads which consisted of simulator events and tactical flights. In the month of March VFA-25 went to Tyndall Florida to conduct a missile shoot exercise. Firing missiles is something that is rare in a naval aviators career due to the limit chances a pilot will get to do so.